So you’re stressed. You are not alone – the American Psychological Association’s 2015 Stress in America Survey reports that 78% of American adults reported having experienced at least one symptom of stress last year. As we reviewed in my last blog post, there is a considerable body of research that associates chronic stress exposure with… Read More

Jue Lin, PhD

Being stressed out seems to have become the normal condition of our modern lives. Work, school, parenting, caregiving, traffic, finances, the 24-hour news cycle, loneliness, loss of community, family pressures, health concerns—the list is long. In fact according to the National Institute of Mental Health, Americans are one of the most anxious nations in the… Read More

TeloYears Infograhpic

Need a quick graphical overview of the TeloYears test? Our handy new infographic explains what telomeres are and how telomere length is associated with cellular aging. Find out what causes telomeres to shorten and what lifestyle improvements have been shown to be positively associated with telomere length. Feel free to download it or share it with… Read More

DNA and Risk for Disease

Please check out this new interview with my colleague Dr. John Carlquist, a genetics researcher from the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute here in Salt Lake City, Utah. He does a great job describing what telomeres are and how their length may associate with age related disease, the value of knowing one’s telomere length and… Read More