The 2018 Orig3n Health and Wellness Expo and Alaska Airlines Bay to Breakers Race

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Here at Orig3n, we’re focused on advancing the future of personal care. Our DNA tests are empowering people to use their genetic information to make more informed decisions in their daily lives. Join us as we explain how science and technology come together to create a revolution in self-care.

San Francisco holds a special place in our hearts here at Orig3n — one of the main reasons being the annual Alaska Airlines Bay to Breakers run!

Deemed an iconic race, Alaska Airlines Bay to Breakers is a 12k run through the city of San Francisco where people come from all over the world to participate – and if they’re not running, they’re cheering others on!


So, what is Alaska Airlines Bay to Breakers? 

Alaska Airlines Bay to Breakers is one of the oldest footraces in the world. For over 100 years, the race has been a staple to the city.

In 1906, after the devastating earthquake and subsequent fire, the city needed a boost in morale and spirit. As a result, Cross City Race, the initial name for Alaska Airlines Bay to Breakers, was organized and held in 1912. An event that started off with only 218 runners now welcomes upwards of 50,000 spirited runners!

The race begins at the San Francisco Bay with runners from around the globe gathering together, dressing up, and tossing tortillas up in the air (it’s tradition!). Participants also get to meet the official mascot — Ape Hashbury, our pink gorilla friend — who runs the race each and every year.

Running up the iconic Hayes Street Hill, along the Panhandle, and through Golden Gate Park, runners are able take in the historic sites of San Francisco, all while spirited spectators cheer them on. The race concludes on the Great Highway by Ocean Beach, where runners and spectators alike can watch waves “break” onto the shore, hence the “bay” to “breakers” name.

Consider the Alaska Airlines Bay to Breakers race an unofficial holiday in the city of San Francisco where fitness, comradery, and fun all come together!


The Orig3n Health and Wellness Expo:

We are proud to have been a partner of Bay to Breakers for the second consecutive year!

This year was special for us as we sponsored The Orig3n Health and Wellness Expo, which was not only the packet pick-up location for runners but an expo that presented the very latest in fitness technology, gear, and nutrition.


Our New Run DNA Test:

During the Orig3n Health & Wellness Expo, we launched our brand new Run DNA Test which is available for purchase for $49 — this week only. Whether you’re a fitness buff, or just looking to fine-tune your fitness routine, our new Run DNA test can help you achieve your goals and reach the finish line faster.

The Run DNA Test assists runners in understanding how their bodies respond to training, endurance, nutrition, and recovery, and helps individuals tailor their workouts based on their genes, to reach maximum speed and efficiency.

It’s about making healthier choices that are right for your body – simple as that!

Run DNA Test


We Asked…You Answered: What Makes You Orig3nal?

  • “Spontaneity” and I ran the Vancouver marathon two weeks ago. I’m still in pieces from that so I guess I’m pretty original in that I’m running this race tomorrow.”  Oliver James
  • “What makes me original is my ancestry, I’m Tohono O’odham we are indigenous people of Arizona. I also think my costume is pretty original — I am a boba tea!” –Mallory
  • “Mine has to be my red hair. I stick out like a sore thumb.” –Riley
  • “For starters, I actually immigrated here 12 years ago by myself. No family members. Just moved here for a job and it was a big leap of faith and I would say that being courageous is my original trait because I’m not afraid of challenges and moving anywhere. Wherever you put me, I can make it through.” –Ron 

Orig3n’s Race Highlights:

  • The starting line before the race begins!

  • Ape Hashbury meeting us at the Orig3n Health & Wellness Expo.

  • We loved your original costumes.

  • Our Orig3n team ran the race right alongside you.

See more pictures from this year’s Alaska Airlines Bay to Breakers on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter channels. You can even look for yourself in our videos and share your own photos from with race weekend with #BeOrig3nal.


What Do We Do?

Here at Orig3n, we believe everyone should have affordable access to their genetic information to live a more informed and empowered lifestyle. If you were able to stop by our Bay to Breakers booth, you probably noticed some people swabbing their cheeks and may be curious about what they were doing.

We’re passionate about helping people better understand their mind and body — that’s where our DNA tests play a crucial role.

All you have to do is swab your check and register your sample on our mobile app, and then mail it back to our lab. Once we’ve processed and analyzed your sample, you’ll have access to a wealth of information, which can be accessed online or via our LifeProfile app.


Learn more about our DNA testing process …

Whether you’re waiting on your results to come back from your DNA test or you’re thinking about exploring your options, learn what happens to your DNA test sample once you send your swab back to our Orig3n lab with our article, In the Lab: Where Does My DNA Test Sample Go?


Already have your results?

Learn how to put your DNA results into action! Check out our article, 4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Orig3n DNA Test.


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