4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Orig3n DNA Test

Your Question: I took an Orig3n DNA test and received my results. Now how do I make the most of them?

Our Solution: We work on developing (and bettering) Orig3n’s DNA test result experience every day. Let us help you maximize the potential of your results!

In this blog, we’ll answer your most common questions about our LifeProfile platform and introduce ways for you to take actionable steps toward integrating information from your DNA test into your daily life. Read on to discover our team’s top four tips.

  1. Incorporate your personalized results into your daily life.

Your test results are more than just a list of gene variants, they provide you with insights and tips so that you can make choices that are right for you. Be the best version of yourself by incorporating information from your DNA test into your everyday life. Remember, while your profile will let you know if you’re predisposed to certain traits, it’s not a diagnosis, so interpret your results with care.

 “Really helped me design a new workout plan for myself. In particular, it was nice to find out about my recovery time and since then I have been able to plan my workouts accordingly.” – Amazon Customer

  1. Share your test results with your personal trainer, healthcare provider, or nutritionist.

By downloading the Orig3n LifeProfile iPhone app (or a hard copy of your report), you’re able to quickly and easily see your results anytime, anywhere, allowing you to share them with healthcare providers, personal trainers, friends, family, nutritionists, or anyone else you’d like.

 “As many do, I’d spent a lifetime trying to stay fit doing various cardio-based workouts — and hating every minute of it. Turns out, based on my Fitness assessment, that’s at least partly because I’m not designed for high endurance routines. In fact, possessing several rare alleles for increased muscle mass and performance, I’m structured for shorter, but higher intensity training. I was able to print out a detailed report for my trainer and he completely restructured my workouts according to the information provided.” – Natashia, Amazon Customer

  1. Learn the difference among your gene results and those that others may have: adapt, normal, and gifted.

Not all genes are created equal. Based on the favorability of the variant, each gene in an Orig3n DNA test is associated with a descriptor — adapt, normal, or gifted. If you have a gifted or adapt result, you have a genetic predisposition to be talented or maybe not-so-talented at something. Additionally, not all genes have variants that are favorable or unfavorable — this is why some genes have multiples of the same descriptor. For example, a test could mark variants for one gene as: normal, normal, gifted or adapt, normal, normal.

 When I took the test I was thrilled to see that I was gifted in the Language ability gene. As someone who loves traveling, this gives me the extra push to pursue learning new languages. A really fun and inexpensive test. Absolutely worth it!” – Erika, Amazon Customer

  1. Research the science behind your Orig3n DNA test.

Each of the genes in our products is selected from peer-reviewed scientific publications and leading research. Gain insight into the science behind your DNA test by reading the references located at the end of your Orig3n report. Simply click on a specific gene, scroll to the bottom of the page, and tap “References” to see the publications that we reviewed to prepare your results.

 “The science behind it is so interesting, and the app tells you what percentage you’re in based on your results.” – Amazon Customer

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