4 Ways We Make Orig3n DNA Tests Cost Less

One question we often hear as we travel to hundreds of events across the country is: Why are your DNA tests so cheap?

We thought we’d explain. We work hard each and every day to make sure that our DNA tests are affordable, and remain that way, for everyone.

One of our core beliefs here at Orig3n is that everyone should have affordable and direct access to information about their genes and their health. After all, your DNA is what makes you unique — so, shouldn’t everyone get to learn more about their own?

Here are four ways we make sure our Orig3n DNA tests cost less:

  1. We offer an array of DNA tests.

We expanded our suite of health and wellness DNA tests from 6 genetic assessments to 19 in 2017! This now includes our brand new mini DNA tests (which start at $29) so you can discover insights into your genes, without the price tag. We also launched the John Lynch Gameplan DNA test at CES. Our other genetic assessments — Fitness, Nutrition, Behavior, Child Development, Beauty, and Superhero — range from $29 to $149 so that you can find a DNA test that best matches your budget.

Ever wonder why we don’t offer an ancestry DNA test? While it’s interesting to find out where you came from, we think it’s even more exciting to discover insights that can be used to live a healthier life. We believe that learning about your genes can empower you to make informed choices about your lifestyle, and we hope our DNA tests act as an additional tool for you to better understand yourself.

Plus, did you know? All the proceeds from our products go to support our regenerative medicine research. Thanks for supporting us on our mission to advance the future of health!

  1. We analyze DNA in our own lab.

We have our own CLIA-certified Orig3n DNA lab in Massachusetts. This allows us to keep our DNA test costs low because there is no middleman. Your sample comes directly to us, and we send your results directly to you. Plus, you can rest assured that we keep your information safe and secure. Your DNA is yours, and yours alone! We never share or sell your genetic information.

Another advantage of having our own lab is that it allows us to genotype faster. We’re able to miniaturize and automate some of the processes through our DNA-decoding robot, Marvin, so you can get your results back in only 6-8 weeks.

  1. We do genotyping, not sequencing.

Genotyping is the process of determining an individual’s genetic variants or genetic results. (Think whether you’re AA, AG, or GG in our Gene of the Week series.) Sequencing, on the other hand, is a method that looks at the exact sequence of a section of DNA. You can sequence the whole genome or just a short piece. While sequencing can be used to look for known variants just like genotyping technologies do, it also shows you all the other regions of DNA that are the same across individuals, leading to a lot of excess data and information.

Here at Orig3n, we use genotyping to determine genetic variants efficiently. We narrow in and only look at the sections of DNA that are different based on the individual and are scientifically shown to have an influence on your traits. As a result, we can keep our DNA test costs low and affordable for consumers.

  1. We select genes based on published literature.

When we work with DNA, we’re not just working with what Orig3n has developed since 2014. We’re also working with decades of DNA research (hint: Human Genome Project), and that’s incredibly exciting for us.

We select the genes in our genetic assessments by evaluating the published literature that exists in the world. We aren’t creating new studies to base our DNA tests off of, we are examining peer-reviewed publications, in top-rated journals to make sure our DNA tests are scientifically-backed. This allows us to keep our DNA test costs low and make our prices affordable as we aren’t doing all of the research ourselves. Instead, we’re building off research and analyzing it in our genetic assessments. You can view all the peer-reviewed references directly below your gene results in our app.

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