5 Reasons Why An Orig3n DNA Test Is The Best Gift

There’s no doubt that DNA Tests have become one of the hottest gifts this year, and for good reason. These tests are simple to take at home, easy to mail to a lab, and unlock a wealth of information from family history to actionable insights on wellness.

When you’re new to DNA testing or giving a gift to someone you care about, choosing the right company to perform the service is more important than ever. Whether it’s a gift for the holidays, a birthday, or a special occasion, here’s a few reasons why we think Orig3n is the only choice to consider.

1. The entire process is easy and fast. 

Does the thought of filling up a tube with saliva sound messy, time consuming, or hard to do? One major difference with Orig3n versus other DNA tests is that anyone can do it. Orig3n’s state of the art in-house lab can process your results from just a simple swab of your cheek.

This all-inclusive approach means that everyone from children to the elderly can participate. The service can also be ordered online or over the counter at local retail locations like your local CVS drugstore for example.

2. It’s the most unique gift you can give.

Finding the perfect gift can be stressful, especially if the recipient is hard (or impossible) to shop for. Unfortunately, we usually get overwhelmed or frustrated and end up buying boring stuff like candles, socks, or gift cards. Do these kinds of gifts really show you how unique and special your loved ones are to you?

But here’s the awesome thing about DNA. Everyone has it so it’s the only gift that transcends gender, ethnicity, religion (and luckily) political affiliation!

And even though 99.9% of our DNA shared with everyone else, it’s learning about the 0.1% that’s so fascinating. It’s truly is a gift that anyone can enjoy but no one else will have because it’s literally a unique reflection of the person taking the test.

Let’s all agree that the special people in your life deserve gifts that are as unique as they are.

3. Only Orig3n DNA testing is private and secure.

Let’s be honest. Some gifts aren’t meant to be shared and most people are becoming more aware (and cautious) about how companies use their sensitive information.

If you read the fine print of other testing companies you will see that they allow third parties to access your results and info, can claim ownership of your DNA, or even participate in processes that make your information vulnerable to hackers.

Orig3n is a self contained CLIA certified facility with stringent protocols and guidelines to make sure you have 100% control of your information. They will never share or sell your genetic results or information. Period.

CEO Robin Smith consistently reinforces these company values in interviews summarizing “If somebody wants to give their data to a healthcare provider or share it with others I think they should be totally be able to do that. I don’t think as a company we should make that decision on somebody else behalf or be in the business of brokering that for profit.”

4. Results spark great conversations and are always within reach!

In a world where we can get anything with a push of a button it’s nice to know that all Orig3n DNA Test reports and insights are easily and securely delivered right to your mobile device. They’re always with you Orig3n customers find that they love sharing their results with others at parties, family gatherings, and special events.

In addition to your personal results things can get even more fun when multiple family members take the same tests and compare results. For example, maybe Jimmy has been the reigning champion of doing the more push-ups than anyone else in his family. A DNA Test might give him some extra bragging rights or spark some inspiration for others to train and claim the household title.Also, the ever-evolving LifeProfile mobile app is continually updated, continuing unlock more insights without additional testing. In most cases you don’t even need to send in a new swab when you order additional kits.

5. Information is power. Give the gift of knowledge.

When you stop to think about it many gifts are used maybe a few times, especially if your drone flying skills leave a bit to be desired.

One of the best reasons to give an Orig3n DNA Test is that the actionable insights that you can actually do something about to improve your lifestyle or wellness. When you empower your loved ones to delve deeper into who they are or how they can best live a healthier lifestyle you’re truly giving a priceless gift that will last a lifetime.

Orig3n looks forward to being your trusted custodian of the genetic insights for you and your loved ones and friends. If you have any questions or need any help to pick out the perfect DNA Test gift please connect with us through whatever channel is most convenient for you.