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Saliva COVID-19 Testing

In addition to our current nasal testing offering, we are now offering saliva testing for COVID-19. Our saliva testing is a simple and pain-free process, and samples can be more easily provided as no medical personnel is required for collection. Additionally, cold shipping is not required as samples can be shipped at room temperature.

Our tests deliver results via our secure online portal 24-36 hours from when the samples arrive at the lab. We can also coordinate on-site collection services if needed and provide all shipping materials and labels for a more efficient and simple process through our complete COVID-19 testing solution. If you have questions about our offerings, please visit our FAQ page or follow the link below to contact us.

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COVID-19 Testing for Schools

Students on Campus

Telomere Diagnostics is bringing COVID-19 testing to colleges, boarding schools, and private K-12 schools nationwide to help create a safe environment to return to. We've created a testing solution that includes our COVID-19 testing service, sample collection testing kits, logistics and on-site sample collection provided by our partners. No need to worry about PPE, obtaining kits, sample transportation or sample collection. We handle everything!

Our deep experience in designing COVID-19 testing programs for schools allows us to understand the unique challenges that you may be facing. We provide you with the option of nasal or saliva testing and deliver digital results in our secure online portal in 24-36 hours from when the samples arrive at the lab.

Covid-19 Testing for Nursing Homes in the United States

Telomere Diagnostics is offering two options to help meet the testing needs of nursing homes in your state.

1. Testing service and sample logistics. Should your facility already have the staff and expertise to collect the test specimen, Telomere Diagnostics will provide the testing service and courier/shipping support to ensure secure transport of samples back to our lab.

2. Turnkey testing that includes: Telomere Diagnostics’s COVID-19 testing service, sample logistics as well as on-site collection provided by Telomere Diagnostics's partners.

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Telomere Diagnostics's Laboratory

Our world-class lab. CLIA-certified.

Our molecular diagnostic testing lab in California is CLIA-certified, having met the rigorous quality standards required to perform high-complexity clinical testing established by the US Center for Medicare Services (CMS) under its Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) act.