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Control how well you're aging
based on your telomere length


Advanced Ancestry

The world's first next generation sequencing-based ancestry service

TeloYears is the actionable DNA health test. It lets you track your cellular age based on your telomere length, with a personalized plan to help you improve it.

If you take a preventative approach to your health, you should take charge of the health of your telomeres – the protective caps on your DNA strands that shorten with age but also change with good or bad lifestyle factors like chronic stress, sleep quality, exercise, nutrition, chemical intake, and even strained relationships. Discover the current age of your cells in TeloYears - the actual age of the typical man or woman whose telomere length is similar to yours - and improve how well you're aging.

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Control how well you're aging

Simple, personalized steps
to start aging smarter.

TeloYears test kit

TeloYears test kit

Collect a few drops of blood from your finger at home and mail it back. We analyze your DNA & measure your telomere length.

TeloYears test results

Your results and blueprint

Reports the current age of your cells in TeloYears plus a Blueprint to improve including a self assessment based on telomere science. See sample report

TeloCoach session

TeloCoach session

An option to get advice and support from a certified expert to help you understand your results and customize a plan.

Personalized action plan

Personalized action plan

A personalized set of suggestions to improve your lifestyle, vitality, and telomere health. Use it to improve through retesting.


TeloYears + Advanced Ancestry

If you are willing to get more from your DNA, upgrade to our new TeloYears + Advanced Ancestry service, the world's first next generation sequencing-based ancestry test. It has double the ethnic regions of the leading health plus ancestry test, plus the first detailed East Asian ancestry assessment.

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Man with ancestry mapping

Ancestry Key

  • 6.74% East Asian
    • 3.51% East China, South Central China
      • 3.51% Han
    • 1.93% North China, Northeast China
      • 1.46% Daur
      • 0.47% Others
    • 1.30% Northwest China
      • 1.30% Naxi
  • 26.88% European
    • 4.14% Basque County
    • 5.94% British Isles
    • 4.08% France
    • 10.75% Italian Peninsula
    • 1.97% Scandinavia
  • 50.39% Native American
    • 6.83% Colombian
    • 6.17% Karitiana
    • 28.19% Maya
    • 3.40% Paiter
    • 5.79% Pima
  • 7.11% African
    • 7.11% West Africa
      • 1.19% Mandinka
      • 5.92% Yoruba
  • 2.50% South Asian
    • 2.50% Balochi, Brahui, Makran
  • 6.39% West Asian
    • 3.91% Druze
    • 2.48% Palestinian
Telomere Science

The longer your telomeres are
the younger your cellular age.

Inside every cell in your body are telomeres, the changing protective caps on the ends of your DNA strands that get shorter with age at a rate that can increase or decrease with lifestyle factors either positive or negative.

Telomere length = the vitality of your cells

Your telomere length is an important measure of your cells' capacity to make copies of themselves, a necessary process for you to grow, heal, and thrive. The age of your cells in TeloYears is based on your telomere length. Learn more at our Telomere Learning Center (TLC) and give your cells more love.

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Your power to


What can I do to improve my telomere health?

See proof that these lifestyle factors can make an impact.

  • stressed


  • excercise


  • nutrition


  • sleep


As seen in

Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to our founder in 2009

The Nobel Prize in Medicine for discoveries in telomere biology was awarded to one of the founders of our company. No other DNA test has had more prestigious scientific research supporting its development.

Telomere Science

20,000+ studies on telomeres.
Science now available to you.

Supporting Institution

Size of study

Key findings

Link to publication

Applied Laboratory Medicine
We are the world’s only lab to succesfully publish the analytical validation of our telomere test method in a peer reviewed scientific journal. See the article here.

Now with TeloCoach

Because your telomere length can change. And so can you. Get one-on-one advice from a certified TeloCoach who will help you better understand what your results really mean and customize a plan for you.

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Improve the vitality of you

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  • Personalized knowledge of your DNA based on world-class science
  • Inspiration to improve with actionable lifestyle suggestions
  • Guidance and support from a TeloCoach
  • Easy to use at home
  • Feel good that you are learning and improving
  • Track your progress by remeasuring
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