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Introducing TELOYEARS™
A simple genetic test that reveals your cellular age

TeloYears™ is a simple genetic test that reveals the cellular age encoded in your DNA so you can know how well you're aging.

Now available from the company founded by the winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine, TeloYears measures the length of your telomeres, the protective caps on the ends of your DNA strands that tend to shorten and fray with age, so you can:

  • Discover your cellular age based on your telomere length.
  • Compare your result to others your age and gender.
  • Use it as inspiration to improve and track your lifestyle & fitness.
  • Just feel good knowing you’ve taken a proactive step to gain self-knowledge.
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Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to our founder in 2009

The Nobel Prize in Medicine for breakthrough discoveries in Telomere Biology was awarded in 2009 to one of the founders of the company now providing TeloYears. No other DNA test has had more prestigious scientific research supporting its development.

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Your Telomeres are Important

Discovering your age in TeloYears is easy.

Receive your kit by mail, collect one drop of blood from your finger at home, and mail it back in the pre-paid envelope. We analyze your age in TeloYears based on your telomere length, which we measure at our CLIA-certified lab in Silicon Valley using our world-class proprietary method. Receive your TeloYears Results along with the value-added TeloYears BluePrint for Aging Well by mail in 2-4 weeks.

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How Aging Affects Your DNA Originally aired on 1/30/2017

Psychologist Dr. Elissa Epel & Nobel laureate Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn explain how telomeres can slow down aging in the body. Then Dr. Oz demonstrates why telomeres are important.

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